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Terms and conditions
of the home pick-up service

The term “register” herein refers to a Renaissance customer enrolled in the Renaissance Home pick-up service and whose registration has not been revoked. “Renaissance” refers to the Industries Goodwill Renaissance Montreal Inc. organization headquartered at 7245 Clark Street, Suite 201, Montreal, Quebec, H2R 2Y4.

1. Home pick-up
This free service is offered to donors by Renaissance, which remains the owner. Renaissance can modify it freely. Any modifications will be published on the website The donor will be free to withdraw if he/she does not approve of the modifications. However, if the donor continues to participate in the service after the modifications have been published, he/she will be deemed to have approved the modifications.

2. Duration
The service will take effect on mouth x, 2024 for an indefinite period. Renaissance may freely terminate the service following an internal decision or due to a situation of force majeure. As a result, the service may be suspended or abolished. All registered donors will be notified.

3. Enrollment and participation terms
To be an elderly natural person acting as an individual and residing in Quebec.

4. How to register
Only an authorized natural person can enroll register for the service. Registration for the service is free and is done exclusively online. The donor must provide the required information and accept the rules of the pick-up service. The donor will receive one communication after registration and a second one to register the pick-up.

5. How the service works
After registering for the home pick-up service, the donor will receive information on the pick-up schedule. Donors must drop off their donations in front of their home or on their balcony before the scheduled pick-up time. The bags/boxes must be identified at Renaissance to prevent other items from being picked up. In the event of an inability to get them out, the trucker will exceptionally be able to pick them up in the lobby. A photo will then be sent to validate the proper receipt of donations at the pick-up. Dog owners will be asked to keep their dogs away during the pick-up. If not, the trucker may decide not to pick up the items for safety reasons.

6. Creating an account
When registering online at, an account is automatically created. The donor can change their personal information at any time or change their address if they move.

7. Lost, stolen and others
In the event of loss, theft or items collected in error, it is the donor’s responsibility to immediately notify Renaissance in writing at or by telephone at 514 276-3626, within 24 hours. Once notified, Renaissance will return the items in question as quickly as possible to the pick-up address.

8. Request for voluntary withdrawal from the service
A donor may unsubscribe from the service at any time by accessing his/her account or by requesting Renaissance via To do so, the Donor’s account will be immediately closed and access revoked. The donor will nevertheless be able to register again to benefit from the pick-up service.

9. Renaissance’s rights in case of non-compliance
Renaissance may at any time suspend, revoke or cancel the registration of a donor who has not complied with the rules in force. In the event of revocation, the donor will not be able to re-register.

10. Personal information and confidentiality

As part of its home pick-up service, Renaissance collects certain personal information from donors of the service. Renaissance is responsible for maintaining this information confidential as required by the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector. Under no circumstances is this information disclosed to a third party.

11. Governing law
These terms and conditions are governed by the laws applicable in Quebec.

12. Consent to communications
By enrolling in the service, the donor agrees to receive various electronic notifications pertaining to the program. He or she can withdraw consent at any time by clicking on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the service email or of the received sms.

13. Acceptance of terms and conditions
Through any operation carried out (registration, enrolment, account opening…), the donor acknowledges having accepted the present terms and conditions, and authorizes Renaissance to collect, use and retain Personal Information about him/her. Renaissance will be able to use the information collected at home as long as no personal information is revealed to a third party.

14. Official version
Unless otherwise stated, all terms and conditions are deemed to have come into force at the time of publication on the website. The French version takes precedence over the English version.