Podcast «Humains, par Renaissance»

Podcast «Humains, par Renaissance»

Visages des personnes, hommes et femmes

Every day, Renaissance puts people at the heart of its business. That’s why we’ve created our podcast series “Humans, by Renaissance”.

Inspiring testimonials from the people who make up the social economy at Renaissance.

An economy that serves the community by contributing to our organisation’s mission.

Here, through sometimes touching life stories, we talk about everything that revolves around the social economy. Because at the end of the day, every word and every gesture has an impact on someone, somewhere.

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*The podcast is in French.*



Episode 1: Marisol

Marisol is sunny. She’s from Peru and has worked in childcare for over ten years. She never thought she’d be a cashier or excel at customer service. And yet these are the skills she will learn and enjoy the most during her career. Listen now to her positive and caring testimonial.


Episode 2: Margarita

After working as a laboratory technologist in Argentina, Margarita moved to Canada and started her own family. For 10 years, she looked after her little daughter, who was born with autism. Today, she is relieved to be learning new skills as part of her career path, and to be contributing to her family’s financial equilibrium. An inspiring testimonial to listen to now.


Episode 3: Danny

After studying sociology at university, specialising in immigration, racism and ethnic relations, Danny joined Renaissance. Find out more about the job of socio-professional counsellor at Renaissance and the special bond that exists between counsellors and their participants in the integration programme.