Renaissance Team

The Renaissance team is a community that is devoted to its larger mission, rich in its diversity and extensive experience. To read the message from the President and CEO, click here.

Board of Directors


The board of directors is comprised of thirteen volunteer community members and the CEO who is present as a non-voting member. The board members have diverse and complementary skills. They manage the affairs of the organization and exercise the powers established by law.

  • Mr. Yvon Arseneault – President
  • Mrs. Janine Desrosiers-Choquette – Vice-President
  • Mr. Yves Provost – Secretary
  • Mr. Daniel Binette – Treasurer – BFL Canada
  • Mr. Louis Fortier – Director – i4B inc.
  • Mr. Mehdi Hizaoui, Director – Les Services Exp.
  • Mr. Gabriel Laurin, Director – Clearspring Capital Partners
  • Mr. Paul-André Lazure – Director
  • Mr. Pierre Legault – Director – Renaissance
  • Mrs. Sheila Murphy – Director
  • Mrs. Stéphanie Garrow, Director – Garrow&Evoy
  • Mr. Robert Potvin – Director Brunet Greiss
  • Mrs. Gloria Sanchez-Meza – Director – Ville de Montréal
  • Mr. Eric St-Arnaud – Chief Executive Officer – Member of Office

In 2022-2023, the Board met five times.

Management Team

Éric St-Arnaud

“ The economic activity of Renaissance not only helps the planet, but also local people. It is with pride that we invest ourselves in allowing people to find the dignity of employment! ”

Éric St-Arnaud,
Chief Executive Officer

Pierre Legault - Fondateur et conseiller spécial à la direction - Renaissance
Pierre Legault

“ The economic activity of Renaissance not only helps the planet, but also local people. It is with pride that we invest ourselves in allowing people to find the dignity of employment! ”

Pierre Legault,
Special Advisor to the Board

Karine-Katia Cole

“ It is a joy to help people integrate the workplace and to accompany them in the liberty of choosing their next path. ”

Karine-Katia Cole,
Director of Socio-professional Services

Benjamin Mercader - Renaissance
Benjamin Mercader

“ My greatest enjoyment in working for Renaissance is seeing the continuous evolution of the organization as a leader in the second-hand market and with a goal of changing lives. ”

Benjamin Mercader,
Director of Operations

Francis Thiboutot

“ To me, being part of the Renaissance team means leveraging my expertise in order to make a difference and help build a better society.  ”

Francis Thiboutot,
Director of Finance
and Information Technology

Tommy Théberge, nouveau directeur immobilier chez Renaissance
Tommy Théberge

“ I was looking for an organization that operates on a human level of inclusivity, one that is people-focused and does good for the environment. I am pleased to have found all of this at Renaissance! ”

Director of Property Management

Marie-Claude Masson - Renaissance
Marie-Claude Masson

“ Here, humans are at the heart of all of our actions. Renaissance allows me to unite my passion for the consumer experience to an extraordinary mission. ”

Director of Communications
and Marketing

Mouhssine Marrakchi - Renaissance
Mouhssine Marrakchi

“ I like to take care of finding talents for Renaissance, and to make sure that the work environment is suitable for the fulfillment of all. ”

Mouhssine Marrakchi,
Director of Human Resources

Zineb Aboussaâd - Renaissance
Zineb Aboussaâd

“ My job involves supporting executive management, and it's a very precious gift when you consider that it enables hundreds of people to find their way again. ”

Zineb Aboussaâd,
Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer


Étienne participant librairie Plateau

Participants in the integration program complete a 26-week training course during which they learn a new trade in order to join the job market. With Renaissance, they get the start to a new life.


Bénévole Renaissance - Patrick

For more than twenty years, Renaissance has welcomed volunteers who live with a mental or physical disability in its thrift shops, bookstores and distribution centre. Many partner organisations, who oversee and accompany these folks, are associated with Renaissance.
Today, 120 volunteers work with the teams and participants on a daily basis. They contribute wholly to everyday operations (labelling, assembling, stocking merchandise) and convey their joy and good spirits.