Our values

At their heart, what the values of Renaissance all have in common is a focus on, first and foremost, the human being. That is the foundation upon which the entire organization is built, functions, and develops. The process of defining our values was done internally, in consultation with the employees of the organization. They are the expression of all the voices of Renaissance.

To be committed to helping others rebuild and to accompany them on their journey. To work as a team and help each other reach new peaks. To be bound together by a common social mission and be engaged as a unit.

To accept humanity in all its diversity and show tolerance for our differences. To preserve our environment for future generations. To show consideration for generously donated items and recognize their power to change lives. To stay humble in the face of this power.

To legitimize the work we’ve accomplished and to acknowledge its positive impact on humans and our environment. To reward each and every person for their hard work. To hear the words of everyone, and to consider their ideas and initiatives. To be thankful to everyone for what they do and who they are.

To be devoted to and honest with each other and the organization. To be dedicated to the social mission and to devote oneself to it. To act appropriately with each other. To be faithful to our human resources. To show sincerity in our actions.

To inspire lives to be changed and realize that the power to do so is in each of us. To develop our team members, help them grow, and guide them in their professional achievements. To develop a strong team spirit and move mountains together.

To be a forward-looking and pioneering organization. To make sure our mentality, concepts, and ideas evolve. To try, when necessary, to take a step back to undertake, to invent, to transform, and to create a unique organization. To develop by adapting to changes and new technologies.