Get training and be paid at work

Have you been out of school for a long time? Do you have little work experience? Do you have difficulty finding a job? Have you been out of the workforce for a long time?
We are always recruiting people who are ready to get trained and gain new work experience!

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Customized Training

By joining Renaissance, you have the opportunity to participate in a number of individual and group training sessions.

Throughout training, you are supported by the management team in your learning of a new trade. You will also benefit from the personal and social support of a counsellor who helps improve your quality of life. Finally, you get access to effective tools and personalized support to help you find and keep a job or to return to studies. Experience the reality of the job market through concrete work experience!

Renaissance offers:

  • Paid work, 35 hours per week
  • A job reference
  • Support finding work for two years after training is completed.


Admission Criteria


  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a resident of Montreal, Laval or Brossard
  • Be the recipient of Social Security, Employment Insurance, be without income or without stable income
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, a temporary worker or hold refugee status with a valid work permit for more than six months
  • Be out of work or in an unstable job. Must not be a full-time student
  • Be available 35 hours per week, days, evenings and weekends
  • Have a basic knowledge of the French language and mathematics.
Femme qui travaille dans un magasin comme vendeuse

Availables Training


Sort, ticket and do the stock rotation of the clothing in the sales area, serve the clients and use the cash register.

Stock handler
Load and unload the trucks and help clients to carry their purchases.

Accounting clerk
(Two training positions per year, only available at the Head Office)
Check the deposits and the cash receipts, treat the accounts payable as well as do the bank reconciliations. Answer phone calls.

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Find out more today, or attend an information session. Information sessions are held in accordance with the health instructions required by the situation.

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The Job Training Program Successes (2022-2023)

83,7 %

placement rate


participants placed this year (204 found work, 24 returned to school)

4 811

placements since the beginning

Certification: an added value to the integration program

In partnership with the Adult Education Centre of Champlain, the 16 Renaissance thrift stores offer a Training Certificate for a Semiskilled Trade (TCST) for Cashier or Sorter/Labeller. Though not mandatory, this certification is offered to all participants in the integration program.

Certification notably offers anyone who was educated outside of Quebec the opportunity to obtain a certificate recognized within the jurisdiction, which is an important factor when hoping to return to the workforce or to studies.

Certification is guided by a teacher who serves as a supplementary support to the participant on an academic and professional level. The program demands little engagement outside of work hours. During the program, participants must pass evaluations in mathematics and French for which they may be helped beforehand by a teacher.

Lastly, certification enables the right to student rates on STM busses and the metro.

Homme qui porte un uniforme de Renaissance pose à la camera.
Femme dans un magasin de vêtements

"I think that thanks to this experience at Renaissance, I will be able to use it for my future jobs."

Adair - Salesperson-sorter-cashier job training program

"At the beginning I was afraid, I thought how will I do because they will ask me about my experiences and I didn't have any. So now I'm very confident."

Scherly - Salesperson-sorter-cashier job training program

"Renaissance gave me the tools to be trained and to practice it. I have had a beautiful story along the way."

Nadia - Salesperson-sorter-cashier job training program