Batteries collection, a new environnement initiative

Batteries collection, a new environnement initiative

Renaissance is proud to announce that it is now possible to collect used batteries in our stores and donation centers. In partnership with Appel à Recycler, we invite you to drop them off in the designated collection box in store and at our donation center during your next visit.

Boite en carton pour collecte de piles. Recyclez

Batteries, a useful but toxic material

Found in most household and electronic appliances, batteries power a large proportion of the devices in our connected world. Useful always during use, they are nonetheless toxic for the environment if not recycled. Contributing to a better world also means diverting this small electrical device from landfill sites.

Affiche le trajet des piles et des batteries

Appel à recycler gives them a second life

Appel à Recycler®, Canada’s largest battery collection and recycling organization, fulfills product stewardship obligations on behalf of its more than 400 members, including producers of single-use and rechargeable batteries. Since its inception in 1997, Call to Recycle has diverted approximately 40 million kg of batteries from Canadian landfills.

The organization accepts household batteries (5 kg or less) for recycling, as well as batteries used in electric transport (bicycles, scooters, etc.).

Once the batteries have been collected, they are sorted by weight and chemistry and sent to the recycling plant for treatment. This process then recovers materials for the creation of new products.

Find the collection point near to your home