Donate and Buy Ecofriendly for the SQRD

SQRD achetez éco

From October 23rd to 31st, zero waste is in the spotlight in Quebec, with the Semaine québécoise de réduction des déchets (Quebec Waste Reduction Week). Each year, this citizen event coordinated by the Association Québécoise Zéro Déchet raises awareness and invites the population to reduce its waste and to consume more responsibly. So, what can we do on a personal level? Human activity is overwhelmingly seen as responsible for global warming and major damage to the environment. What humans have done; they can undo!

Thus, reducing our environmental footprint includes the food we eat, the energy we use in our homes, or even, and this is very important, the choice of clothes we wear.

Collective goodwill has a real impact

At Renaissance, we promote the protection of the environment through the collection and sale of second-hand goods made possible by donations from local families. Each year, we receive more than 1.5 million donors at our collection points, allowing us to divert several thousand tons of goods from landfills. As for the goods we sell, they can have a second life instead of being needlessly thrown away. Our donors and loyal customers are participating in a great collective action to reduce waste with this simple gesture. They are our Écollaborateurs!


It’s your turn to donate or buy during this week of the 23rd to 31st. If you are already doing it, the 3RV rule, reduce at source, reuse, recycle and valorization, (lien) is no longer a secret for you. You can always increase your impact by talking to others about the different opportunities to reduce waste!

Every little bit helps the environment! We are contributing to building a better future.

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