Give your used articles a second life and give someone a job

Femme qui porte une chemise jaune.

Our fall donation drive kicks off in a few days. You can do a good deed by dropping off your unwanted items at one of our approximately 60 collection points.

The gift of change

From the moment you’re born, you change. Your dress size changes, your shirt size changes, your shoe size changes. You change jobs and you change your mind. Your interests change and your goals change. Your address changes. But every time you change, one thing stays the same: you leave things behind: household items, toys, clothes. Donating them to Renaissance can change lives.

Watch the video Donate your thinks. Give some one a job.

Pile de jeans. Donate your thinks. Give some one a job.

Why give?

There are many reasons for supporting a worthy cause. Here are some of the personal motivations that lead people to donate to Renaissance:

  1. Give to support our social mission

Your donations work hard at Renaissance. Every year, your generosity enables hundreds of people to enter the workforce or go back to school. Directly as a result of your invaluable support. Thank you!

  1. Give to preserve our environment

Renaissance helps protect our planet by recovering and reusing gently used items. The articles generously donated to Renaissance are given a second life instead of ending up in landfill.

  1. Give to feel good

Generosity is its own reward. Your donated sweater, book, CD or sports equipment gear will make someone else happy. Give something you no longer use to Renaissance and get the satisfaction of knowing it will be useful to someone else.

More about accepted items.

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