Eco-friendly moving!

This year, make your move an eco-friendly one!

Whether you’re packing up for a new home or helping a friend move, it’s the perfect time to think about what you could donate. Take advantage of this time to go through your belongings and breathe new life into unused items by donating them, rather than discarding them. 

Why donate? Every donation made to Renaissance supports our mission of promoting the social and occupational integration of people facing barriers to labour market entry, while encouraging everyone to take concrete action for the environment. 


How to donate? 

  • Prepare your donations:  Select clothes, small household items, and other items you no longer use. For more details on what to donate, check the list on our website. 
  • Find a donation centre close to you: Use our online tool to find the nearest Renaissance donation centre. 
  • Drop off your items: Bring your donations to our centre during opening hours, as unattended items left at the door may get damaged or discarded.  

The impact of your donations

By donating items that no longer serve you to Renaissance, you engage in a journey of reuse and sharing.

  1. Environmental impact: Donating pre-loved items reduces waste and promotes a more sustainable lifestyle. In 2023-2024, the 1,718,200 donations received at our collection points aided in giving a second life to 27,335 tonnes of used items. Every reused item is a step towards a greener future. 
  2. Social impact: Your donations contribute to the success of our employability programs. Since our inception, we have facilitated socio-professional integration of 9,212 individuals through access to education and employment, including 1,270 during the year 2023-2024. 
  3. Economic impact: Once received, donations are sorted, labeled, and then sold in our network of stores. This allows us to offer affordable, tax-free clothing and household goods to the community, making Renaissance a valuable employer. 

Every item you donate to Renaissance has the potential to positively impact lives and strengthen our communities.  To learn more about the full impact of your donations, watch this video! The Impact of Your Donations