Frequently Asked Questions – COVID-19

The situation we are living brings a fair amount of changes and challenges to the community. The social and economical impacts of the crisis emphasise the importance of Renaissance’s triple mission: social, environmental and economical.
This being said, the health and safety of our employees, customers, donors and business partners remains our priority. For this reason, we have reviewed our ways of operating to ensure we offer everyone a safe and healthy environment. We have also implemented all occupational health and safety measures recommended by the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité au travail (CNESST).
These measures may change at any time, without notice, as the pandemic situation evolves, and in accordance with governmental guidelines. All changes will be communicated on our website.


What security measures are put in place in the Renaissance establishments?

Following instructions from the Quebec government, the face mask is mandatory in the Renaissance establishments. Access to our stores will therefore be denied to anyone who does not respect this rule.

Renaissance installed Plexiglas panels at the checkouts, and all employees were provided with personal protective equipment (mask, visor, gloves) that must be worn at all times. All employees also received training regarding the new work standards.

Hand disinfection (with disinfectant gel or soap and water) is mandatory.

We are increasing the cleaning frequency of our premises. All frequently touched surfaces in the establishments (trolleys, counters, sales terminals, Plexiglas windows) are cleaned at regular intervals during the day.

A distance of at least two (2) meters between each person is mandatory at all times.

The thrift stores’ fitting rooms are open with the exception of our Outremont, Papineau and St-Lambert boutiques. Due to a shortage of staff, the fitting rooms for these three locations remain closed until further notice.

As of Monday, December 20, 2021, our dressing rooms will be closed until further notice.

Following the Quebec government’s announcements, there is no longer a maximum capacity in our establishments as of Monday, February 21, 2022.

Do you prohibit people from entering your facilities when they present symptoms similar to COVID-19?

Yes. We encourage everyone (clients, donors, employees) to stay home when symptoms appear. We are counting on transparency and collaboration from everyone to make this measure effective.

If we see someone presenting symptoms in our facilities, we will ask them to leave the premises and return home so that they can see a doctor and be tested for COVID-19.

Do you require a COVID-19 vaccine passport to access your stores and donations centres?

No, the vaccination passeport is not required in Renaissance stores.

How do you make sure the social distancing is respected in stores?
  • We will ask customers to navigate the store as indicated by our signage to avoid physical contact;
  • Plexiglas panels separate the checkout clerks from the customers;
  • We prefer payment by card;
  • Customers bringing their reusable bags will have to fill them themselves.


What are your opening hours?

Since March 22 2021, the opening hours of our stores have changed. You can refer to the locations map to know the schedule of every store.

For the donation centres, regular hours will be maintained.

Are you changing the return policy?

Starting July 25th, you will have 3 days maximum to exchange your purchases, only at the store where the purchase was made.

What has changed regarding shopping measures?
  • Customers bringing in their reusable bags must fill them themselves.
  • See the other questions of “Store and Donation Centre Operations” section for more details;
How do you safely receive donations ?

In order to avoid direct contact with the donor, donations should be deposited at a designated location. If assistance is required to remove goods from the donor’s car, the donor should open the trunk and move away from the car to allow the employee to safely retrieve the donations.

How do you ensure that the donations you receive do not carry any risk?

Donations received will never be put up for sale immediately. They will only be displayed in the store after a 48-hour delay.


What measures have been put in place to assist employees temporarily laid off during quarantine?

We are very grateful for the extraordinary work of our employees and it was essential to ensure their well-being during the temporary closure. To support them during this difficult time, we have put in place the following measures:

  • Maintaining the social mission: Renaissance’s team of social workers remained mobilized in telework to maintain the different stages of the social support process with active participants and to provide them with a safety net and psychological support. This support service is also offered to all those who have completed their integration process and who are entitled to a follow-up over a period of two years;
  • The maintenance of health insurance for all eligible employees;
  • The availability, 7 days a week, of a support team to answer employees’ questions and assist them in the process of registering for the Canadian Emergency Benefit Program (ECP);
  • Renaissance takes charge of employees who are not eligible for the Canadian Emergency Benefit (ECP) or Employment Insurance;
  • An offer of an interest-free loan to meet basic needs;
  • The creation of a newsletter to keep in touch with our employees and keep them informed of developments;
  • A $50 gift card redeemable at the grocery store.
What do you do to protect employees coming back to work?
  • Renaissance provided the personal protective equipment needed to provide a safe environment for all employees;
  • Each employee was trained on the new measures and procedures;
  • All employees are required to answer regulatory questions regarding their health status;
  • Working hours have been adjusted to limit the number of people present in the common rooms at the same time;
  • Hand washing stations have been installed at the entrance of the stores and in the donation centres.


Do you continue to receive business partners in your workplace?

Yes, although telework is recommended for support teams, some projects require on-site or face-to-face work. Partners entering our head office must adhere to the following security measures:

  • All visitors must register when they arrive at our premises. They must indicate the name of the person they are visiting and their time of arrival. A Renaissance employee will pick them up at the reception desk;
  • Visitors must also answer regulatory questions regarding their state of health (symptoms of COVID-19, contact with an infected person, recent trip abroad);
  • Hand disinfection is mandatory before circulating in our establishments (with disinfectant gel or water and soap) ;
  • The mask and the 2-meter social distance must be respected at all times.