For World Environment Day, let’s shape the world of tomorrow


To celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, Renaissance invites the population to build the world of tomorrow by making a responsible consumption gesture!

Small actions for big results

Responsible consumption is a mode of consumption that takes into account social and environmental considerations. It favours products whose manufacture is environmentally friendly, but also good for the local economy and society.

It’s sometimes hard to imagine, but in one single day, we make many small choices that have an impact on the environment. From the choice of our mode of transportation to the choice of our food, clothing and necessities, we accumulate small gestures that can help to save our planet.

Indeed, personal life choices, on a societal scale, can make a real difference. For humans, for the environment, each of us can choose to have a greater impact.

“Buying is voting”

As we know, consumption is essentially the act of spending money. Thus, the action of shopping is a social act because the consumer has the choice of what to buy.
Fortunately, we are very lucky in Quebec, as our society has many social economy enterprises that sell responsible consumer goods. Therefore, it is not difficult for a shrewd buyer to ensure that they do not “vote” the wrong way!

It’s your turn to make a difference!

On June 5th, the world celebrates Environment Day.
What better way to remember that our planet needs us to continue to survive than to make a (new) gesture of responsible consumption in one of our small daily actions?
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