Give a second life… of horror, for Halloween!

halloween friperie citrouilles

On October 31, skeletons, vampires and witches will be roaming the streets asking for candy!

Are you one of the givers or one of the seekers? Are you already planning scary decorations and baskets of caramels to fill to the brim?

If you are one of those who dress up, you must be thinking about your next costume and decorations. In a few minutes of reading, here is some inspiration.

Thrift stores, surprise boxes

Without a doubt, second-hand stores are the best place to find a unique costume. Pumpkins, ghosts and inexpensive undead are waiting for you to have a second life… of horror, or of fun!

Gorille déguisement Halloween friperie

You can also play the creativity card, for example by choosing to take the features of Frankenstein. A brown jacket, a dark t-shirt and large boots, with the right makeup, will do the trick to scare the neighbours.

But why else would you want to look like a Halloween reference? Far from the traditional costumes, the diversity of thrift stores will lead you to make yourself the creator of your own monster. Who knows, maybe a vampire’s cape and a sickle can go very well together with a Joker mask!

And if you’re not the scary type, don’t forget that Halloween is, more generally, a costume party. Princesses, superheroes and manga characters are also widely allowed to run the streets on October 31. And it is not said that they will have fewer sweets under the tooth at the end of the evening…

Find a store

At Renaissance, Halloween is eco: ecological and economical! By shopping at a thrift store, you are helping to divert goods from the landfill and you are encouraging local purchasing, as all donations come from local families.

Do you have a knack for sewing?

Some of the best Halloween costumes are those that you make yourself. A few pieces of used clothing and a good dose of imagination can do the trick.

If you already know how to handle the needle, you have the soul of an artist. So, we count on you not to dress up as a pizza! No, it’s a joke, dress up as whatever you like.

pizza girl déguisement halloween friperie

Finally, don’t forget that Instagram is a never-ending source of Halloween inspiration. As examples, here are the pages of some very inspiring creators!