November 30th is Giving Tuesday: Sow and Reap Happiness!

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It’s a scientific fact that performing an act of kindness gives you happiness in return! In fact, happiness hormones (dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin) are released in our brains when we show generosity.

That’s why Giving Tuesday, on November 30th, could also be called “Happiness Day.” This canadian movement dedicated to generosity is an opportunity to highlight the different ways to give. Do you know what they are?

The many faces of giving

Canadon receives the greatest number of donations on Giving Tuesday! Canadon is a charitable organization that allows you to make a secure monetary donation to an organization. At Canadon, as elsewhere, all donations made to Renaissance go to support its social mission, which reintegrates hundreds of people into the workforce each year. If you want to be part of the great movement of donors who give us a helping hand every Giving Tuesday, find us on our profile page.

Do you have an old car that is ready for the scrap heap? Renaissance is a partner in the Car for Life program, which recycles parts from cars and trucks that are no longer in use. If you want to do something green, you can donate your vehicle to the program and allow a part of the money to be donated to Renaissance. This ecological and charitable gesture will make the dopamine dance in your brain!

What if the most generous gift you could give was the gift of your time? At Renaissance, we have over 100 volunteers who contribute daily to the activities of the organization. Through their contagious energy and hard work, our volunteers contribute to our positive impact on society. Are you interested? Contact us!

The most popular donation at Renaissance is, of course, the donation of used items and clothing, which are received every day at our 53 collection points. Clothing, accessories, books, etc., when you no longer use them, can have a second life in the hands of someone else instead of ending up in the garbage. It’s an ecological gesture that makes people happy, as well as making you happy. Find a donation centre near you!

There is a fifth way to give to Renaissance! You have probably been asked to “round up” at the cash register if you have ever shopped with us. By making this small donation of a few cents with each purchase, you reinforce our social mission. And if it brings happiness to the people we help, then you will have every reason to be proud.

So yes, giving is a path to fulfillment, as the wise Lao-Tzu would say (Taoist friends, hello). It also allows us to recognize our impact on the world and makes us realize that each of us is indeed valuable!

Happy Giving Tuesday!

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Janine, Volunteer

“I don’t have the knowledge to be able to help people who are alienated from the job market to find a job. Also, donating my time to Renaissance is my way of giving back to life all the beautiful opportunities it has given me, and this, through other people.”

Arnaud, Customer

“It is with great pleasure that I leave a donation each day for the reintegration mission. We don’t pay taxes, so we might as well participate in other ways and round up our bill.”

Maurice, Donor

“I regularly donate so I can give a second life to things that I no longer need. When I see one of my donations up for sale, it makes me happy to know that maybe it will help someone else!”