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Latest update November 2021

169,369 is the number of donors welcomed in our donation centres during our 6-week fall donation campaign.

Each of these donations is a hope, a chance to do good in the lives of the hundreds of people we help each year return to the workforce.

Renaissance has always lived thanks to the generosity of the citizens of the Greater Montreal and Sherbrooke. Your donations change lives.


From September 26 to November 6, Renaissance is holding its fall donation drive campaign! This annual event appeals to the generosity of the citizens of Greater Montreal and Sherbrooke to help Renaissance’s mission grow through donations.

For more than 25 years, community support has enabled us to help more than 7,000 people re-enter the workforce, while diverting thousands of tons of goods from landfills.

This year our goal is to raise 155,000 donations.

This goal is more ambitious than any of our previous campaigns, so please help us reach it by telling others about Renaissance!

The change of season is the perfect occasion to clean out our wardrobe. Indeed, we all have clothes that we no longer use: 80% of them are never worn*!

Renaissance has 54 collection points in the greater Montreal area and in Sherbrooke! There is one near you!

*(L’actualité, 2019)

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Thank you, your donations change lives!


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