Renaissance Needs 85,300 Santas for its Fundraising Campaign!

carrousel sapin collecte de dons

From November 29th to December 19th, Renaissance will need 85,300 donations to complete its Christmas Campaign! By tidying up your home and bringing in the items you no longer use, you can be our Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus.

Every year, the holiday season is synonymous with incredible generosity from our community. Our donation centres are blessed to receive thousands of donors with their arms full of clothing, accessories, toys and more.
Since the inception of our social mission, we have received each donation as a gift that allows us to provide support to those in need.

Find a donation center

Every donation counts! Even the wool sweater you no longer use, your Harry Potter collection or your snowshoes, as long as they don’t get wet! If you’re not sure whether to donate, ask yourself, “Would I give this to a friend?” If the answer is yes, let the magic of Christmas take hold of you, and head to a Renaissance Donation Centre!

Happy Christmas Campaign!

Leonor parcours d'insertion - collier
Jean-Richard participante parcours d'insertion SSP Renaissance
Mounir Participant SSP - friperie Décarie

“I was supported by the team with patience and kindness. I grew step by step and I developed my strengths.”

Leonor - Salesperson-sorter-cashier job training program

"Here the team has a lot of experience to help you to be more efficient and to find the right path. It helped a lot that they would patiently help me without badgering."

Jean-Richard - Salesperson-sorter-cashier job training program

“Renaissance was my chance when I was at a dead end and the light had disappeared. Learning a trade is priceless!”

Mounir - Salesperson-sorter-cashier job training program