Taking on climate challenge in your closet


Are you familiar with the concept of responsible fashion?

Also called slow fashion, it was created in opposition to the overconsumption of clothing and disposable fashion, and is characterized by a search for long-lasting clothes designed with the environment in mind. For several years, this social movement has been gaining ground in terms of our purchasing habits, and therefore, in our closets.
Protecting the environment and the need to respect people all over the everywhere in the world are driving younger generations to be more concerned about the origin of the products they buy. Also, since disposable Fast fashion being is the second most polluting industry in the worldon the planet, it makes consumers are selective when choosing store think about which store to choose before going shopping.

Helping Protecting the environment is within everyone’s reach

While collections come and go in the short-lived fashion industry, all of us can support the environment by heading to a second-hand store (thrift store). In addition to being affordable, this simple act allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and encourages a business model that respects the planet.
What’s more, it’s not difficult to find a thrift store near you!And for sure, there’s a thrift store near you

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Originality through rarity

Thrift stores are full of clothes in good condition, from all kinds of trends and different eras. By stocking new items donated by the public every day, they don’t just offer one style, one single trend destined to disappear. On the contrary, they allow us toWhat we find is original clothes, or vintage clothes or and rare accessories that allow us to create our own look.
This is one of the reasons why influencers on Instagram or TikTok are becoming more and more popular: they find their inspiration in this infinite variety of second-hand stores!

Responsible Fashion Day, an opportunity to try something new

Haven’t tried your luck at a second-hand store? On April 24, the world will be celebrating Responsible Sustainable Fashion Day. Why not take this opportunity the perfect occasion to give your wardrobe an original…and more eco-friendly flavour!

Plus, at Renaissance, all your purchases help finance our social mission, which helps hundreds of people each year to regain the dignity of having a job. From supporting the environment to supporting people, shopping at Renaissance is part of a circular economy.

Interested? Want to learn more?

Join us on Facebook on April 24 to watch the conference on eco-friendly fashion! A series of speakers, including Renaissance, will provide an overview of how to renew your wardrobe while helping the environment.

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