« In less than two weeks I already had three interviews. »

As soon as he arrived in Quebec in 2016, Denis already had over fifteen years of professional experience in Sales. He quickly found work as a production assistant at a food processing plant, but, while still on the job there, he continued his job search, focusing on job offers in his field of study.

One day, he went to a Renaissance recruitment day and the recruiter was so impressed with his CV he advised him to go to the Employment Resource Centre.

After only two sessions with the employment counsellor, he already felt better equipped to continue his job search and applied on several sites. “In less than two weeks I already had three interviews. I came back to prepare for them and that is how I got hired at UniFirst.”

Denis has only good things to say about the employment counsellor. “She impressed me with her attentiveness, her advice, availability and her warm welcome. Thanks to her, I found a job as a sales representative. I am in a stable situation. I am confident.”