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« After just a few meetings, I learned a lot about looking for work in Quebec. »

Arriving from Chile in 2017, Guerlande had more than five years experience working in restaurants. Adapting to the job market in Quebec was quite complicated for this woman of Haitian origin. Her CV was inadequate, she did not have transferable experience and she did not know where to look for help.

She took a chance and applied for a job at Fripe-Prix in Montreal North but they suggested that she go to the Employment Resource Centre in the store on St-Laurent. There she met Lucie, an employment counsellor who would change her life!

“After just a few meetings, I learned a lot about looking for work in Quebec, notably how to prepare for interviews and how to present myself. Shortly after, I found a job as a caretaker for the elderly which enabled me to work many hours in a week.”

Then, in 2018, it was another employment counsellor, Nathalie, who helped her to take the necessary steps so that she could progress in the same position and find a part time job in another company. Within a year, the Employment Services at Renaissance helped her to restore her self-confidence and to foresee a brighter future.