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Parcours d'insertion Kenny

"It's a good opportunity to work in an environment which I like."

Before beginning my training at the St-Laurent store, I was working in animation and in restaurants. I was going to CEGEP but I wasn’t able to continue in the area I was most interested in: business management. When a friend spoke to me about the job training at Renaissance, I felt it was a good opportunity to work in an environment which I like.”

Upon his arrival at the St-Laurent store, Kenny was delighted to be able to visit the different work stations with his counsellor. As the weeks passed, he progressed in retail commerce and discovered the various training options offered by Renaissance, but what fascinated him the most was meeting so many people of so many different nationalities. “The best advice I got was to always welcome the client properly. That way, the client will be alright with me.”

Even though he is still in training, Kenny is very confident that he will be able to find work in the retail trade afterwards.