Femme qui porte l'uniforme de Renaissance pose devant la camera.

"I've had a great story along the way"

Nadia arrived in Canada on September 12, 2022, and with no Quebec experience but plenty of experience outside Canada, she couldn’t find a suitable job. After several searches on the internet, she came across the job ad at Renaissance and signed up. She says the dynamic, people-oriented environment really appealed to her, and that’s what she wanted.

“I found the Renaissance team to be kind, supportive, warm and collaborative. This encouraged me to persevere. Enthusiastic and loving teamwork, I got involved in the life of the store, trying to accomplish every task with perfection and pleasure. From assembly to product placement, to customer service at the checkout, I enjoyed performing all these tasks with great care. I worked tirelessly with all my heart and was supported by a good training team. They gave me the tools to be trained and to be able to practice it physically. It’s been a great story along the way.

I obtained a qualification that enabled me to be versatile. I’m now confident and happy with my achievements at Renaissance. I’m proud to have participated in and contributed to a mission that changes lives and gives hope to many job seekers, including myself”.