Femme souriante employée d'un magasin qui pose pour la photo.

"It's given me a lot because I've never worked before in my life"

Scherly says she heard about Renaissance on social networks, and was told about it by people who had taken the course.

She tells us the story of her journey: “It’s given me a lot because I’ve never worked before in my life. It’s my first, my first experience, and I’ve learned a lot, which is great. At first I was afraid, I was thinking how I was going to do it because they were going to ask me about my experience and I didn’t have any. But now I’m very confident.

Working in the store was very easy, we became like a team, we got used to working together and it was very friendly. For people in research, I’d say you learn a lot and then you gain confidence by learning lots of things at once.

After my course, I’m going to go and look for a job because I think I’m ready for a new one thanks to my training at Renaissance.”