Parcours d'insertion Vinoth

« I really progressed with my mastery of French. »

Vinoth was a part time cook’s helper and sought help to find a full-time job. The youth employment centre in Centre Nord referred him to the francization program offered by the Collectif des entreprises d’insertion du Québec. He was able to choose among several organizations which offer job training while also following French courses. Vinoth chose Renaissance specifically to be trained as a cashier.

The first contact was very positive. “Right away, I felt very reassured. During our meeting, the counsellor took the time to listen to me and to answer all my questions.” He quickly integrated into the activities of the store “I quickly learned how to use the cash register, then to ticket the clothes and place them in the store. The whole team encouraged me and gave me really good advice which built my confidence. I really progressed with my mastery of French.”

After this training, Vinoth found several opportunities for full-time work. “I went back to work in the restaurant for the summer where I did full-time replacement work. Now, I would like to continue with French courses or computer training. But if I can find another job which suits me, that would be ideal. I’ve already had a lot of calls and I feel prepared.”