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Happy Thanksgiving!


William participant Plateau parcours d'insertion

"The job training program taught me that if something is wrong, then you can change it."

William says he never considered working in a department store one day. However, through the job-training program, he discovered that he had all the qualities to be an excellent salesman: enthusiasm, energy and versatility!

“I like everything I do here. Working on the floor, labelling, helping customers… The more I move, the more I like it!”

Convinced of the importance of relationships with customers, he takes it as a sign of confidence that regular customers already come to him for help. This is quite a change for him, who thought he was a loner!

Encouraged by his colleagues and managers, William sees a future in the Renaissance thrift stores. “I want to work in a store and be able to make a difference. In some strategy games, there’s troop morale, which counts for a lot. It’s the same in a store!”