World Environment Day, change the world

La bannière pour la Journée mondiale de l'environnement

June 5, 2022, World Environment Day, marked the end of our Spring Donation Campaign. Thanks to your generosity, we received a total of 163,694 donations! A huge THANK YOU to the citizens of Greater Montreal and Sherbrooke for your continued commitment to our cause.

For nearly 30 years, community support has enabled us to help thousands of people re-enter the workforce while diverting thousands of tons of goods from landfills.

Des participants issus de la mission sociale

Our campaign is linked with Canadian Environment Week, June 5-11, to raise awareness about the preservation and restoration of our ecosystems. Every day, we have the opportunity to do something to protect our shared home: our planet!

This year, 2022, is centred around the theme “Only One Earth” calling for change on a global scale. Canadians are committed to protecting the natural environment and are encouraged to continue.

Small gestures for big results. To each their own way to participate.

Every day, we make many small choices that have an impact on the environment. Food, shopping, clothing, transportation … a collection of small actions that make great strides towards saving our planet. The #OnlyOneEarth movement thus takes on all its meaning.

The universe is populated with galaxies. Our galaxy is filled with planets.
Earth is our only home!

Our vision and mission are based on the protection of the environment. You can find more details by clicking here.