Quebec Waste Reduction Week: Taking care of the environment

Réduire nos déchets

From October 21 to 30, zero waste is in the spotlight in Quebec with the Quebec Waste Reduction Week. This annual public event invites us to rethink our way of consuming. But between you and me, we must question our consumption every day. When we are aware of the impact of our consumption habits, we must make choices that are in harmony with our environment and reduce our footprint.

In Canada, the economy consumes 271 million tons of resources per year*, which raises major environmental issues. In this unfortunate situation, choosing new consumption practices has become critical for preserving the planet and our quality of life.

What can we do? Human activity is widely viewed as being responsible for global warming and the significant damage done to the environment. But that which humans have done can be undone!

Reducing our environmental footprint concerns the food we consume, the energy we use in our homes, and, most importantly, the clothes we wear. If no action is taken, the world will use up three times more of its natural resources by 2050 than it does today. This represents about 140 million tons of fossil fuels and minerals! Since July 28, 2022, the day determined as “Earth Overshoot Day,” we have exhausted all the resources that the Earth can regenerate in one year. On a planet with finite resources, it is becoming increasingly urgent to move from a linear economy to a circular economy*.

A collective effort for a real impact

At Renaissance, we promote the preservation of the environment through the sale of second-hand goods made possible by donations from our community. Last year, the 1,393,975 generous donations to Renaissance allowed us to recover 24,407 tons of used items and give them a second life rather than ending up as waste and burdening already crowded landfills. The revenues generated are reinvested in our social mission to help many individuals return to the job market or school after completing a Renaissance integration program (six months of paid training).

Let’s not forget that repairing or transforming used clothes and articles is possible. This is what our EcollaboratorsTM do. Through their creative efforts, clothes and other items are used again and avoid ending up as waste for the sake of our planet.


You can contribute to this important cause by donating or buying during this special week from the 21st to the 30th! Why not make it Waste Reduction Week year-round?  We are all a part of the ecosystem, so we must all act together for the environment. Let’s rethink our way of consuming!

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*Source Recyc-Québec