Ressourcerie Lévis joins the Renaissance family

A consolidated environmental and social mission for the Lévis community

A union of love and reason

To ensure the continuity of services and jobs in the territory of Lévis, Ressourcerie Lévis announced on February 13 that it was joining the Renaissance family. Ressourcerie Lévis is an organization that has been serving the Lévis population for over 20 years, dedicated to recovering and revaluing household excesses. This union of love and reason between these two organizations will be carried out in close collaboration with local stakeholders in Lévis to ensure a smooth and beneficial transition for the community.

“Since the pandemic, the entire ecosystem in which Ressourcerie Lévis operates has been disrupted. The challenges we face are multifaceted, and include financial obstacles. We approached Renaissance to propose joining their ranks and ensuring the continuation of our mission within our community,” notes Ruth Fillion, Executive Director of Ressourcerie Lévis. “This takeover is the solution to ensure the sustainability of our organization, jobs, and will allow us to extend and increase our positive impact, with the support of Renaissance.”

“Our arrival in Lévis marks a key milestone in our history,” emphasizes Éric St-Arnaud, Executive Director of Renaissance. “When we were approached by Ressourcerie Lévis, it was only natural for us to respond to the call, as we share similar social and environmental values and missions.” Moreover, it is a precious opportunity to safeguard jobs and increase the scope of our social commitment in Quebec.

A 20th thrift store for Renaissance, many positive outcomes for the community

This arrival in Lévis marks the 20th thrift store for Renaissance, which already has a strong network of local partners in the National Capital Region, such as Réno-Jouets and Recyclage-Vanier.

Renaissance, an important player in waste management, has great ambitions for Lévis. Indeed, the organization hopes to divert nearly 3,000 tons of various goods and clothing from Lévis landfills over a three-year period. This ambitious waste diversion project reflects Renaissance’s long-term commitment to Lévis and its population.

This collaboration between Ressourcerie Lévis and Renaissance is part of Renaissance’s expansion strategy, which promotes cooperation between organizations. This agreement will not only safeguard but also grow the missions of both organizations, thereby strengthening their positive impact on the community and the environment.

The date of the takeover will be communicated later when it comes into effect. The Ressourcerie store in Lévis will then be converted into a Renaissance thrift store within six months.