Homme qui porte un uniforme de Renaissance pose à la camera.

"This is the first time I've seen this type of training; I haven't found it anywhere else."

Adair says that before coming to Renaissance, he didn’t know anything about customer service, which he now really enjoys. He’s convinced that thanks to his experience at Renaissance, he’ll be able to use it for the future.

“The experience at Renaissance has enabled me to develop many things, to understand the Quebec culture, which is different from that of my country. It also helped me develop my leadership skills within the team. It’s true that I’d like to work for a store with the same spirit as Renaissance. They help us with the next steps after the course and it’s good for me to feel supported.

I really like customer service, and I’ve been able to carry out several tasks since the start of my course. Sorting, cashiering, assembly, flooring… I like everything I do. I really like my co-workers, I have a good relationship with them.”