Leonor parcours d'insertion SSP -2

“I was supported by the team with patience and kindness. I grew step by step and I developed my strengths.”

Before beginning the job training program, Leonor was looking for a job, but was suffering from a lack of self-confidence and she didn’t really know where to begin. It was a cashier at the St. Jacques thrift store who spoke to her about the job training program and encouraged her to call. She recounts that the kindness of the team members during her initial contact was very reassuring for her.

By following the training at the Decarie thrift store, Leonor was not only able to overcome the language barrier and learn French but she was also able to discover her strengths. She quickly realized that she has a real talent for customer service!

Today, Leonor is working as a cashier at the Decarie thrift store. All the clients appreciate her for her good nature and her friendliness!