Parcours d'insertion entretien ménager

"What I found here, I had never found anywhere else!"

When Lyes arrived from Algeria, he needed to find a job and complete various administrative procedures. The Renaissance job training program was a wonderful opportunity for him! Since February 2020, he has been training as a housekeeping attendant and has been able to complete his legal formalities.

“At Renaissance, I feel understood by others. They understand my problems outside of work! My counsellor, Melanie, helped me solve my immigration problems. They knew that I was a new arrival and that I would need that help. And I love working here! I help out with all kinds of tasks, not just housekeeping. It reinforces the sense of belonging to a team!”

Lyes is planning to complete his training and use his skills to start a cleaning business or go into plumbing. He has already begun to research what he will need to do to succeed!