femme dans le rangé de jouets d'une friperie Renaissance.

"I've done a lot of things, stuff I didn't even know about before Renaissance."

Odette arrived in Canada in 2022. She tells us her story as a participant in the Renaissance insertion program:

“I was shopping in the Henri-Bourassa thrift store with my daughter. I listened to ads, and we tried searching on Facebook. We realized there was a 6-month program at Renaissance. I came straight away to drop off my CV, and in less than two weeks they called me and that’s how I got into Renaissance.

I really like this store. Renaissance is a big store, and I found the managers and employees very friendly. I learned a lot of things (checkout, booth, floor, labeler). I did a lot of things that I didn’t even know about before Renaissance.

Personally, I didn’t have these experiences before. When I was in my country, Cameroon, I was a shopkeeper, I did a lot of things in the trade or even a seamstress. I’ve learnt all these experiences here and I’m interested.

After my time at Renaissance, I’d like to be a cashier or a floorwalker anywhere I can find or even at Renaissance.”