Terms and Conditions
for Renaissance Gift Card Sales

In the present agreement, the term “gift card” refers to a gift card sold at a Renaissance store. “Renaissance” refers to the Industries Goodwill Renaissance Montreal Inc. organization, whose headquarters are located at 7245 Clark Street, suite 201, Montreal (Quebec), H2R 2Y4.

  1. Purchasing Terms and Conditions

The amount loaded onto the gift card is at the discretion of the client , knowing that the gift card’s minimum value is $5, and the maximum value is $150.

These amounts are in Canadian dollars only.

The gift card is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and unredeemable for cash.

  1. Conditions of Use

The gift card may be used for purchases of merchandise at all Renaissance stores, with the exception of the Liquidation Centre, and the Pierrefonds, Chambly-Rémillard and Faubourg-des-Prairies bookstores.

To use the funds on a gift card, the client must present the card at the cash register before a transaction. The balance remaining on the card after the transaction may be used on the next purchase at a Renaissance store. The client can find the gift card’s balance on the transaction receipt, and by asking the cashier, or by calling 514-276-3626.

A single client may have and use as many gift cards as they want.

  1. Renaissance Privilege Program

If the purchaser of a gift card is a member of the Renaissance Privilege Program, the purchase of the gift card will not add the corresponding amount of points to the client’s Privilege account. However, a purchase made with a gift card will add points to the client’s Privilege account.

Please refer to the Renaissance Privilege Program for more details.

  1. Refund Policy

The gift card is non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and unredeemable for cash. Renaissance will not be held responsible for replacing or refunding the amount on a lost, stollen, or damaged gift card. The owner must treat the gift card as they would cash.

  1. Expiry Date

A gift card with a positive balance does not have an expiration date and is valid so long as the program is in effect.

The gift card is not reloadable. Once it reaches a value of zero, the card is automatically deactivated and is therefore no longer functional.

  1. Applicable Law

The present terms and conditions are regulated by the applicable laws in Quebec.

  1. Acceptance of Rules

The purchase or use of a gift card is considered as total and complete acceptance of the present conditions of use.

  1. Customer Service

For all questions, call 514-276-3626, or email information@renaissancequebec.ca.

  1. Official Version

Unless otherwise stated, all terms and conditions are deemed to have come into effect at the moment of their publication on the website www.renaissancequebec.ca. The French version takes precedence over the English version.

LATEST UPDATE: March 1, 2021.